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  1. AJW Capital Partners
  2. Akira Capital
    • Headquarters Montreal Canada

    Firm Summary

    Akira Capital is a discretionary hedge fund specializing in commodity derivative strategies. Through a mix of relative value, directional, volatility, and spread based strategies that are diversified along different commodity sectors, products, and maturities, investment strategies reflect the diversified strengths of Akira’s founders and partners. Through on-going macro-economic research and analysis, extensive experience in derivatives and physical markets, and tight risk controls, Akira manages funds from institutional investors and accredited investors to produce constant, uncorrelated above-average risk-adjusted returns.

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  3. AKO Capital
  4. AKO Capital
  5. AKO Capital
  6. Aksia LLC
  7. Alchemy Partners
  8. Alcyon
  9. Aleana
  10. Alena
  11. Algebris Investments
  12. Algert Global, LLC
  13. Allegheny Financial Group
  14. AllianceBernstein
  15. Allianz
  16. Alpha Perpetuo GmbH
  17. Alpha Strategies

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