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How do I upload documents?

First, go to your firm profile by clicking on your firm name or logo. Look to the Manage section of the action pane on the right side of the page.

Clicking on the Documents link will show you a list of all the documents you've uploaded. Click on uUpload a document in the upper right corner.

When you upload a new document, you can associate it with a specific section of your firm profile. You can upload over 30 different document types, which each portion of your profile having unique document types.

How do I update performance?

You can update Performance at the Fund and Share Class levels of your firm’s profile. When you are viewing the fund or share class you want to update, look to the Manage section of the action pane on the right side of the page.

Clicking on the n Update performance link will allow you to add or edit performance data.

You can copy and paste your performance directly from an excel spreadsheet. We’ll automatically calculate standard metrics such as annualized and cumulative return, and create clean, easy to read graphs from your data.

Who can see my info?

Everyone on the FDN platform can access your basic firm information including your firm summary, senior management, employees, and office locations. These fields are in the wPublic section when you update your profile.

The rest of your information is 7Private. You have complete control over who has access to more detailed information such as AUM and performance. Once you grant a user access to one or more of your products, he or she will be able to view this private information.

How do I know if an allocator is looking for a product like mine?

Our strategy matching tool helps allocators find asset management products. Allocators indicate their investment strategy at the top their profile. Asset Managers choose a strategy that best matches each of their products. FDN will notify you an allocator matches your product’s strategies.

What does it mean to Follow a firm?

When you Follow a firm, you are subscribing to their updates. Followers see any posts made by a firm in their Activity Feed. Following a firm does not trigger a notification, so you can follow firms on FDN without being hassled by marketers.

How do I post an update to my firm's followers?

From the Dashboard or your firm's Posts tab, click on the text box labelled "Compose new update...". Write your posts using markdown, then click the Post button. Your post will be sent to your followers, but anyone on FDN can read the post on your firm profile.

Can I search for Allocators?

You can search for allocators with the search bar on the top of any page on FDN or with the Browse Firms icon on the vertical navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

Can I proactively grant a person access to my firm’s information?

Yes. With the 7Manage Access icon on the left side of the screen you can grant access to anyone by entering their name and email address into the Bulk Invite & Permission section. You can even customize which products each user has access.

How can I message people on the platform?

You can message someone directly by clicking on the Message icon (5) on the top right of the FDN webpage or by going to another users profile and clicking the 6Message button. Users can access and reply to all messages through email as well as through the message portal on the FDN platform.

How can I invite my contacts?

On the dashboard, click the green aInvite contact button. You can enter your contact’s email address, and customize the invitation message. If you’d like to invite more than one contact, click the “multiple contacts” link in the invite popup.

How can I change someone's access?

There are two ways to change a user’s access to one of your products: from the 7Manage Access page, or directly from the user’s profile.

To change access from the Manage Access page, note which users have access to your products and use the buttons on the right side of the page to choose the right level for each product.

From the individual user’s profile, click on the 7 Manage Access tab, which allows you to grant or revoke access for this user to each product.

What is the difference between admin and read only employees?

As an admin, you have the ability to edit your firm’s information and grant or revoke a user’s access. You will receive notifications when someone requests access to one of your products. In the 8Insights section, you can see how many times a user has viewed your firm profile and documents. As a read only employee, you are linked to the firm profile, but do not have admin capabilities.

How do I add, sort, or remove senior management?

To add senior management, navigate to the employee profile, you may need to create a profile first. Then manage the importance of that employee by clicking on importance in the action pane.

To remove a employee from senior management, adjust the importance selection on the action pane of the employee profile.

You change change the order of the senior management from your firm profile. Navigate to your firm profile, and click on the wEmployees tab. When you mouseover an senior manager, left and right arrows will appear that will allow you to change the order.

How do I add offices?

Each office has its own page that lists office details and displays a precise location on a map. You can designate one office as your headquarters so it will be displayed on top of your firm profile.

First, go to your firm profile by clicking on your firm name or logo. Look to the Manage section of the action pane on the right side of the page.

Clicking the p Offices link will show you a list of all the offices you've created. There, you can create, edit, or delete offices. You can also edit a specific office from its page.

How do I see what my profile looks like to un-permissioned users?

First, go to your firm profile by clicking on your firm name or logo. Look to the Manage section of the action pane on the right side of the page.

Click q Preview this profile. A browser window will appear with your firm profile displayed from the perspective of an un-permissioned or permissioned user.

Can I print my profile?

Yes. To print any tier of your firm’s profile, click the C Print link on the action pane found on the right side of the page. Use the system print dialog in your web browser to print a clean and well-formatted document. You can print any firm’s profile if you want to keep a hard copy for your own records.

Where do I find a list of my connections?

Your current connection requests are listed in the Connections icon (3) at the top of your screen. Click on “See all” to view a list of your connections. On the Connections page, you can add connections who are not on the platform by clicking on Invite Your Contacts on the right side of the screen.

Do I need to be logged in to find out when someone has requested access to my products?

No, you will get an email notification when someone requests access to one of your products. In order to approve this access request, you must log in to FDN.

Is permission based on Firm, Product, or Fund level?

Permission is based on the Product level. You can customize access so a user has access to as many of your products as you would like. To learn more about this see "How can I change someone’s access?".

Are there any security measures for the documents upload to FDN?

FDN was designed with compliance as a priority. Each document is watermarked and has a unique code for each user who views the document. To learn more about general FDN security, go to our marketing page:

Can I use my firm profile on FDN as my website?

Yes, by clicking on Update Firm on the firm profile and going to the Public Profile tab, you can create an FDN website address. Just input the desired website name in the FDN Website Address text field. If you want to use your public FDN profile as your website, you can connect a domain name that you own to your profile. For more information, follow the directions on the Public Profile tab.