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Data on FDN comes from a number of different sources, such as the public domain. When a firm's information is provided by an external source, this is clearly noted on their profile. FDN reviews incoming data to ensure quality, but takes no liability for incorrect or incomplete data.



Data created on FDN. The firm's data is added and curated by the firm. When an FDN user claims a firm that was originally provided by another source, such as FDN Extended, the firm moves into this category.

FDN Extended

FDN Extended is an extension of FDN data that synthesizes data from external sources, such as the public domain. This information is believed to be accurate, but is not provided by the firm. FDN Extended data may be more sparse than data added by managers.

Lipper, a Thomson Reuters co.

Portions of the hedge fund information contained in this display was supplied by Lipper, A Thomson Reuters Company, subject to the following: Copyright 2018 © Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Public data provided by entities registered as investment advisors with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.